Image policies
This page is here to provide you with a general outline of what the image policies are on this wiki.
These policies are subject to change.
  • Under no circumstances is any pornography to be uploaded to this wiki.
  • Images added to pages should have relevance to the page they are being added to.
  • Whenever possible, images with file names descriptive of the image are preffered, e.g. File:EdSheeranTattoo.jpg tells us that the image is of a tattoo.
  • When adding pictures of Ed Sheeran with other celebrities to the General pictures gallery, please leave a caption of who he is with.
  • Do not add gifs to galleries other than the Gifs gallery, or to pages they relate to, e.g. Drunk
  • Do not add galleries of images to the Ed Sheeran page as he has his own Gallery.
  • Pictures added to the Gallery pages should be added to the gallery they fit best in, not multiple. For example, File:Ed Sheeran performing.jpg would go in the Performances gallery and not the General pictures gallery
  • When adding images try to ensure they are of a high quality. Images less than 150px wide will be deleted as they are unnecessary.
  • When adding photos from performances or appearances, where multiple photos are taken within a short time period, only select a few images which are noticably different from each other to upload.