This is the administration team for the Ed Sheeran Wiki. If you have any suggestions of improvement on the wiki, or would like to request user rights, please create a discussion on the suggestion board.

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Administrators and bureaucrats[edit source]

Minithepeanut wall|contribs (bureaucrat)

PandaLuver26 wall|contribs (admin)

Rollbacks and chat moderators[edit source]

Positions vacant

What can users with rights do?[edit source]

Chat Moderators can[edit source]

Kick and block users who are misbehaving on chat. Chat mods should enforce punishments based on common sense.

Rollbacks can[edit source]

Rollbacks can undo numerous malicious edits until the last editor.

Administrators can[edit source]

Do everything chat mods and rollbacks can, as well as block users from editing, protect pages from being edited, edit protected pages, delete pages, edit MediaWiki pages, kick and ban chat mods from chat and promote/demote chat mods.

Bureaucrats can[edit source]

Do everything administrators can, as well as promote administrators, rollbacks and bureaucrats.

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