Amy Wadge is a British singer, song-writer and actress, born in 1975 in Backwell, England.[1] She collaborated with Ed Sheeran, and co-wrote all of the songs from Songs I Wrote With Amy as well as the song "Gold Rush" from +. She is married to Alun ap Brinley and has two young daughters, Mali and Nel. [2]

Relationship with Ed[edit | edit source]

Wadge and Sheeran first met when she picked him up from the train station when he was about 17, after she had her first daughter, Mali, and had decided to take a step back from performing. Sheeran performed You Need Me, I Don't Need You for her, and Wadge told her husband "Oh my god, this boy is unbelieveable."

They wrote nine songs together, and Sheeran released five of them on his EP, Songs I Wrote With Amy which he named after her. Wadge has said she is proud of Ed Sheeran and that he has changed her career as a songwriter.[3]

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