Updates to the Ed Sheeran Wiki

Hey everybody.

This is just an announcement to all of those who visit this wiki from time to time, users from other wikis and fans of Ed Sheeran/one of the artists he's collaborated with, where I'm letting you all know what's going to be happening and what you can help out with.

In the upcoming weeks, I'm hoping that we can convert most of the old performer pages to the new format seen on Taylor Swift, and if anyone who is somewhat proficient with templates would like to help out with that, it'd be much appreciated.

For fans not as crafty with codes, feel free to add your own collection of Ed photos to the galleries or add some much needed pages with information on some of Ed's earlier works/awards he's won for songs/albums/EPs. If you know about Ed collaborating with another artist, get on in there and make a page, just provided you give a link to where you got the information from.

Any information which is continually updated, such as Ed's relationship with Taylor Swift while on the Red tour, news about his second album or upcoming works is appreciated, so feel free to add it, as long as you can add a link to support where you found the information.

Thank you to everyone who visits here, and hopefully I'll see some of you editing soon too.